I am the wife of a pilot-turned-preacher and the happy mom of three terrific children. My life was transformed years ago through a heartfelt prayer on my knees. Since then, my work as a family doctor turned into a ministry as I learned to care for people from the heart. I strive to care for the soul and minister to the spirit while treating the body.

My Passion as a Life & Leadership Coach

I am passionate about physician wellness, burnout prevention, and helping healthcare professionals thrive in the midst of a broken system in constant flux. My approach is not cookie cutter but personal, targeted, and transforming. I love helping my colleagues identify and develop their strengths, recapture their original calling into medicine, and embark on a path to greater meaning and purpose in medicine and in life.

I know that countless physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals ASanchezWohlever-Walkingstrive daily to do the impossible despite mounting obstacles, still trying to give more while depleted inside. Through attentive listening, powerful questions, and a relationship focused on the whole person, my goal is to reignite a sense of clarity, vitality, and joy in serving others from full hearts. I help my colleagues achieve greater balance and effectiveness and regain a sense of meaning and purpose by focusing on what I call the leader’s triad: Equip. Empower. Excel.™

To FIND OUT MORE about what I offer as a Board-certified coach, you may CONTACT ME here.

My Presentations, Workshops, & Retreats

As a retreat leader, conference speaker, and consultant, I partner with Canterbury Retreat Center, hospital systems, residency programs, medical schools, and individual medical practices to equip and inspire healthcare, church, and community leaders in their ministry and life. In addition to the topics mentioned below, I lead spiritual formation retreats and workshops based on my third book, The 3 Y’s of Faith: Keys to a fruitful walk with God. Learn more about future retreats here or CONTACT ME to discuss designing a retreat experience for your hospital, clinic or group.

Some of my most popular presentations, workshops, and webinars include:

* From Burnout to Thriving in Healthcare
* Overcoming & Preventing Compassion Fatigue
* Cultivating A Servant Heart in a Busy Practice
* The Power of Testimony
* Chosen, Equipped, Joyful in Ministry
* Living on Purpose: A key to contentment, peace, and effectiveness
* When Faith and Medicine Meet

Leadership, Vocation, and More!

I served as chief resident and as president of the Florida Association of Family Medicine Residents. I feel blessed to serve on the exceptional Board of Directors of the Florida Academy of Family Physicians, which I recently represented at the U.S. Capitol while advocating for patients and physicians. In 2015, I was chosen, along with nine other Florida physician leaders, to participate in the Florida Medical Association Leadership Academy. I’m having a blast while serving and growing!

I received the AMA Achievement Award, the AAFP Foundation Teacher Development Award, the Psychiatry Clinical Excellence & Research Award, and the Distinguished Graduate Award from the U.S. Air Force Commissioned Officer Training, among others. Yet, I’ve learned that true joy in healthcare does not come from awards or recognition but through genuine service and caring from the heart. As a wise physician said to me years ago, “It is not unprofessional to be human with people.” Indeed, as Rabbi Abraham Heschel wrote, “In order to heal a person, you must first be a person.”

As we care for people, we must first offer them our humanity–our greatest gift! Vulnerability, compassion, and empathy connect us and heal; they are powerful medicine for the heart, body, and soul. Yet, we cannot neglect our own souls, health, and families for the sake of others. I help healthcare professionals discover or reclaim that healthy balance, and this makes all the difference.

Drop me a line here with your questions about how I can help equip and empower you as your coach. I’m glad you’re here!


© 2012-16, Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD. All Rights Reserved.

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