Protected: Welcome

Congratulations on choosing to love others by responding to God’s call to healthcare! The ministry of caring for the hurting and the sick is a call to be like Jesus, the Healer of souls. A simple prayer with a patient transformed my experience of caring for the sick. What had been good doctor-patient encounters turned into meaningful human interactions where hurts are shared and comfort made real. Aware of Jesus’ presence, compassion, and love, patient and doctor alike have experienced a new way to relate, to heal, and to live.

Join me, Dr. Luke, and the Great Physician to learn how to care for people from the heart. No more ministering to people with overwhelming needs from a depleted soul and on our own strength. Let us learn to abide in Jesus, the Healer, so we may minister out of His abundance and in the power of the Spirit.

“As you take this journey with Dr. Mari, you will sense a friend alongside of you … sharing your struggles, lifting your spirits, reminding you of your true calling, and pointing you back toward your first love! Healthcare students, professionals, and their spouses are certain to be encouraged and inspired as they take this 120-day walk with Jesus in healthcare!”

J. Scott Ries, MD, FAAFP

National Director of Campus & Community Ministries

Vice President, Christian Medical and Dental



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