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My latest book, Recapturing Joy in Medicine, is NOW AVAILABLE! Find out more HERE.                                Here’s what our colleagues are saying about it,

I can’t recommend this book highly enough for physicians wherever they are in their careers or however they feel about their practices. There is truly something of value for everyone to improve his or her practice whether burning out or just feeling a little frazzled. (Eric L. Larson, MD, anesthesiologist and host of The Paradocs Podcast)

Powerful, poignant, and timely — much mentioned are reasons Physicians Working Together exists! Dr Sánchez has done a wonderful job capturing and expressing the challenges, honor, and joy of being a physician in a time when all are being affected. Her book is an inspiring guide to recapturing that joy in medicine. (Kimberly Jackson, MD, founder of Physicians Working Together)


THE 3 Y’s OF FAITH: Keys to a fruitful walk with God

Stories are powerful. They infuse readers with courage and hope, and inspire them to act. The personal stories in this simple yet profound book will kindle your faith, lift your spirit, and warm your heart.

Living out the three Y’s of faith produces the heart of devotion God seeks, which sets us free to love. The first “Y” is to speak a decisive “Yes!” to God. The other two Y’s derive from the first and encompass the greatest adventure in life: our daily walk with the living God.

Read this book on your own or discuss it in a small group. The stories, scriptures, and questions for reflection will deepen your faith, refresh your soul with living waters, and draw you closer to the heart of God.

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WALKING WITH JESUS IN HEALTHCARE: A 120-day devotional to refresh your soul as you care for others

The ministry of caring for the hurting and the sick is a call to be like Jesus, the Healer of souls. A simple prayer with a patient transformed my experience of caring for the sick. What had been good doctor-patient encounters turned into meaningful human interactions where hurts are shared and comfort made real. Medicine became a ministry where God continues to transform me and those He sends my way.

Walking with Jesus in Healthcare is a 120-day devotional for all who care for the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual wellbeing of others. It’s for doctors, nurses, dentists, counselors, Hospice workers, chaplains, therapists, MA’s, NPs, PA’s, dietitians, life coaches, hospital staff, and all caregivers! It inspires caregivers as well as those whom they serve. We walk through the entire Gospel according to Luke (the physician) and learn from the Healer how to live a prayerful and powerful life of service in healthcare and beyond.

Join me, Dr. Luke, and the Great Physician to learn how to care for people from the heart. No more ministering to people with overwhelming needs from a depleted soul and on our own strength. Let us learn to abide in Jesus while caring for others so we may minister out of His abundance and in the power of the Spirit.

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