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Recent Keynotes, Events, & Leadership Opportunities (Abridged)

Invited to present on physician wellness and burnout prevention to American College of Cardiology, Jan 2019

Leading workshops for physicians on physician wellness and burnout prevention at community hospital in south Florida, Jan 2019

Invited to return as faculty, American Academy of Family Physicians Family Physician Health & Wellbeing Conference. Arizona, June 2019

VIDEO to support Florida Medical Association (FMA) statewide Healthy Living initiative discussing ways to address change more effectively with our patients, motivational interviewing, & physician wellness. Aug 2018

Keynote (available to Florida physicians for CME) to launch FMA statewide Healthy Living initiative. Inspiring Change: Lifestyle choices made easier. FMA Annual Mtg. Orlando, FL. Aug 2018

Keynote for physicians on leadership, service, and physician wellness (based on my upcoming book). FMA Annual Conference. Aug 2018

FAFP State Delegate to FMA House of Delegates. Orlando, FL. Aug 2018

Keynote for 250+ physician & healthcare leaders. Tampa, FL. Aug 2018

Presentation to > 400 physicians on rediscovering joy in medicine. Florida Academy of Family Physicians (FAFP) Conference, Amelia Island, 2017

Delegate representing Florida family physicians & our patients to FMA House of Delegates. FMA Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL. Aug 2017, 2018


Presentation on physician wellness & burnout prevention. FAFP Summer meeting, Palm Beach, Fl. July 2017

Physician panelist, Women’s Conference. Orlando, FL. June 2017

Live-stream presentation for 115 medical students throughout our lovely state on physician wellness & burnout prevention. May 2017

Doctor of the Day at FL Capitol. Guest at House & Senate proceedings. 2016-18

FAFP representative, AAFP Chapter Leadership Conference. Kansas City. April 2017

Presentation for medical students on fertility awareness for FACTS. University of Florida College of Medicine. Gainesville, FL. April 2017

Board of Directors meeting, Florida Academy of Family Physicians. April 2017

Physician Leadership Development Challenge, FAFP Board of Directors meeting. Amelia Island, FL. Dec 2016

Graduated from Florida Medical Association Leadership Academy. Orlando, FL. July 2016

Presentation for young physicians: Physicians, The Triple Whammy, & Burnout Prevention.™ Tallahassee, FL. June 2016

Webinar for physicians, healthcare professionals and administrators. From Triple Whammy to Wellness: Physicians & the Triple Aim.™ June 2016

Florida Medical Association Leadership Academy. Orlando, FL. 2015-16

Honored to be one of six state delegates to the Family Medicine Congressional Conference. Met with legislators at the U.S. Capitol. April 2016


An Essential Guide to Public Speaking (Schultze)

Presentation & group coaching, Women’s Interactive Network: Women Living Well: Tips for a healthier you! 2016

Blessed to serve as Doctor of the Day at Florida’s Capitol & invited to Senate proceedings. Jan 2016

Led spiritual formation women’s retreat at Retreat Center. Jan 2016

FMA Leadership Academy & FAFP Board of Directors meetings. Dec 2015, Apr 2016

Women in Medicine & Dentistry annual conference: Cultivating A Servant Heart. Sep 2015

Keynote speaker: From Burnout to Thriving in Healthcare. Emergency Medicine Summit for Orlando Health leadership.  Orlando, FL. May 2015

Cultivating Healthy Hearts in Business (Orlando Business Series, Latina Style Magazine). May 2014

Cultivating a Servant Heart in a Busy Practice. Presentation for physicians. April 2014

Half-day seminar for healthcare professionals: Cultivating a Servant Heart. Nov 2013

One-day seminar, Institute of Christian Studies: Living on Purpose: A key to contentment, peace, and effectiveness. Sep 2013

Presentation for parish nurses: When Faith & Medicine Meet. Florida Hospital. July 2013

CCHF annual conference: The Power of Testimony. Atlanta, GA. May 2013GuardHeart.JPG

Presenter/opening devotion, Healthcare Leadership Retreat, Adventist Health Systems. Knoxville, TN. May 2013

Keynote speaker, Health, Hope, & Healing. A Taste of Wellness event for breast cancer awareness. Fort Walton Beach, FL

Keynote, Knowing God through Journaling. Clergy wives’ annual retreat, Delafield, WI

    A Few of My Webinars

Webinar for physicians & healthcare leaders: Physicians & the Triple Aim. 2016

Webinar for physicians & healthcare leaders: Cultivating A Servant Heart. 2015

Webinar for nurses: Preventing & Overcoming Compassion Fatigue. 2015

Presented webinar/facilitated discussion with physicians: Chosen, Equipped, Joyful in Ministry. 2014

Memorable Retreats & Unique Opportunities

Designed & led retreat based on my book, The 3 Y’s of Faith: Keys to a fruitful walk with God. Inverness, FL. June 2015

Led worship service for physicians during FAFP spring conference. Orlando, FL. April 2015

Facilitated Finding Meaning in Medicine session for physicians. April 2015

Workshop on essentials of spiritual formation during Clergy Leadership Retreat based on my book, The 3 Y’s of Faith. March 2015 song.jpg

Retreat leader/presenter on the power of prayer: Show Me Your Glory. Retreat Center. Dec 2014

Mentor/table leader at entrepreneurship conference for girls. May 5, 2014

Table talk/worship service presenter & facilitator, When Faith & Medicine Meet. Physician Wellbeing Conference. April 2013

Known, Set Apart, Appointed: Reflections on purpose from Jeremiah 1:5. Retreat Center, Feb 2013

Find Your Purpose: Inspiring high school students to seek, trust, & follow God. Jan 2013

Celebrating Women as God’s Masterpiece. St. Luke’s Cathedral. 2012


Video clips & interviews

VIDEO supporting launch of Florida Medical Association’s statewide Healthy Living initiative. Aug 2018

INTERVIEW about physician wellness & burnout prevention on Doc Larson’s timely podcast, The Paradocs. 2018

INTERVIEW on Life Lessons’ Mentoring Mondays discussing my passion for mentoring and coaching female physicians as well as my journey to writing and keynote speaking. 2018

INTERVIEW with 4word (national mentoring ministry for professional women). Feb 2015

Radio interview: Living Well with Dr. Mari. May 2014

Radio interview with Jo Rathmanner on Connecting Faith Live. Jan 2014

Radio interview with TIME Magazine writer Maryann Makekau of Hope Matters & author Rob Harris of Rob Cares. Feb 25, 2013

Radio show guest with Glennon House Healing Ministry. March 7, 2013


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