Life Impact through Words of Courage & Hope

Recapturing Joy in Medicine Keynote (2017)

What physicians are saying…

“The best presentation in the entire symposium. She was able to put all of our daily pains into words BEAUTIFULLY while reminding us why we went into medicine … offering comfort, coping skills, and advice…. I wish she could be heard at every major medical meeting and in WASHINGTON.”

“Feeling refreshed just from this talk!”IMG_TallTrees.jpg

“The best presentation I’ve heard in this topic in 40 years.”

“Dr. Sánchez moved me to tears — her presentation style is so powerful and empowering!”

“Fantastic presentation. Speaker’s genuine passion is infectious. Will use your presentation and passion to motivate and encourage my colleagues and staff.”

“She renewed my compassion for my work.”

“Excellent presentation. All physicians need to hear it!”

“The first time in my 21 years of practice that I have seen a standing ovation at a CME presentation! You are on fire and you are doing an amazing job igniting the rest of us. Thank you!”

“Brought tears to my eyes. You spoke from my heart and to my heart.”

“Inspiring speaker and gives me hope to continue.”

“Like a breath of fresh air in a suffocating field!”

“Thank you for waking us all up and making us remember who we are.”

Retreat Facilitation, Workshops, & Small Group Impact (2015-16)

“It is my great privilege to endorse and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Amaryllis (Mari) Sánchez Wohlever, MD to you. She is a dynamic speaker who engages people in a personal way as she shares her faith and passion for Christ with proven and profound principles woven in the midst of a fascinating narrative from her varied experiences. She has become a “fixture” at Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center. I eagerly look for ways to employ her unique gifts, her thoughtful insights, and her comforting presence with a variety of groups and gatherings. If you are looking for a retreat speaker, a workshop or seminar leader, simply someone to inspire your congregation or group, you could do no better than to have Dr. Mari Wohlever inject your folks with faith, hope, and love.”

The Rev. Jon Davis
Executive Director, Canterbury Retreat & Conference Center

“The retreat was a wonderful, Spirit-filled day! I came awayStMarysTalk.jpg filled with peace and such a desire to yield and yearn for more!”

E. Joyner
Participant, 3 Y’s retreat

“A memorable means of focusing on faith. It really makes us mindful of our journey. I think of the 3 Y’s often.”

M. Miller
Participant, 3 Y’s retreat

“I didn’t want (the retreat) to end. Next to Cursillo, the closest I felt to Christ.”


The Power of Testimony presentation for those serving the poor through healthcare (2013)

What physicians are saying…

“The presenter’s passion was so apparent. It was so easy to listen and remain engaged. It was a blessing to be here.”

“This needs to be a plenary session. Everyone should be exposed to topic and presenter.”


candles“Excellent! Very refreshing.”

“Beautiful. Transforming. Powerful.”

“Amaryllis is a light!! An excellent presenter full of Jesus!”

“Great! Very personable presenter.”

“So tender. A woman in His service.”

“Genuine, honest, sincere, transparent, important, hard, the center of what we are and do.”

“She was so passionate about sharing Jesus … her stories illustrated her points!”

“Spoken from a heart for God. She was so inspiring!”


Walking with Jesus in Healthcare: A 120-day devotional to refresh your soul as you care for others

“I just finished your book. It was amazing! Changed my life…. I knew when I started your book something Godly would happen to me aDrMariHands.jpgt the end of 120 days and then when I finished the book. Both came true in his time.”

J. C., MD
Physician entrepreneur

“What a way to start the day! It is so good to read a book that is encouraging, uplifting, and edifying. I highly recommend this work for those in the caring professions as we give, but need to be refueled. This work will do that for your soul. Let your soul sponge up the daily wisdom. Read it and reap!”

The Rev. Nigel W D Mumford
Author of Hand to Hand: From Combat to Healing

“Dr. Sánchez writes from her heart. This is a wonderful devotional and encouragement for those of us in healthcare, and it comes at just the right time. We, the helpers, need the healing and hope that Christ alone can give. This book reminds us in a gentle but unyielding voice that we are to keep our eyes on the Cross! That is where our hope, and the hope of those we care for, can flourish.”

Ann Park, MD
Executive Coach, Physician Leadership Development

“Dr. Mari is compelling in this devotional which meets the daily challenges and struggles we encounter in trying to be true healers who extend The Ultimate Healer’s ministry to our patients, colleagues, family, and friends.”

John Guarneri, MD, FACOG
Past President, Florida Hospital Medical Staff
Chairman, Dept of Healthcare & Spirituality, Florida Hospital Me.jpg

“God has given Dr. Mari—wife, mother, and physician—the gifts of healing, wisdom, and creative expression. As healthcare professionals and caregivers, we will be blessed to start each day’s journey with a devotional written by her as inspired by God. Don’t start your day without it!”

Karolina Murphy, RN, LMHC
ICU nurse, Christian Counselor

“Dr. Wohlever has undertaken an ambitious project, covering the entire book of Luke in 120 daily segments. Since she is an experienced healthcare provider on the front lines of medicine, she can really relate the texts from Luke (to) the issues and problems we all face in medicine every day. She writes well and clearly with just the right balance between scholarship and a practical, down-to-earth focus. I am eagerly awaiting her volume 2, a study of Acts.”

D. Keller (healthcare professional; endorsement of kindle version on amazon)

“As a mental health counselor, I often ask God to help me be helpful to those He sends me. Walking with Jesus in Healthcare continues to give me the inspiration to focus on just that. Dr. Mari has done an incredible job of bringing the gospel of Luke, the Physician, into the world of healthcare today. She combines scripture reading, a brief discussion, prayer, and music with an invitation to listen for the message with your heart.”

Liz Pixley, LMHC
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“As healthcare professionals that follow Christ, we find ourselves daily at the intersection of people’s lives and spiritual journeys. And it is right at this busy and overwhelming street corner that Dr. Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever’s refreshing devotional meets us with a breath of fresh, Scripture-inspired air and sense of purpose on our journey.

Following the writings of Dr. Luke, Amaryllis beautifully weaves in poignant stories and reflections that focus our minds on the divine appointments brought our way by our Creator—as we touch the lives of His creation. As you take this journey with her, you will sense a friend alongside of you … sharing your struggles, lifting your spirits, reminding you of your true calling, and pointing you back toward your first love! Healthcare students, professionals, and their spouses are certain to be encouraged and inspired as they take this 120-day walk with Jesus in healthcare!”

J. Scott Ries, MD, FAAFP
National Director of Campus & Community Ministries
Vice President, Christian Medical and Dental Associations

DrMari-NewbornGuate 2

Greeting a newborn into the world during a medical mission!

“Walking with Jesus in Healthcare will keep you spiritually refreshed as you fulfill the important ministry of caring for others. We’ve all seen talented practitioners crash and burn because they were running on empty inside. This book will keep you recharged spiritually so you can spend your time and energy making a positive difference instead of becoming the next sad statistic. Take time to walk through these pages and refresh your soul so your days will always make a difference for the Kingdom.”

Dwight Bain, NCC, LMHC, CLC
Author of Destination Success: A Map for Living Out Your Dreams
Executive Director, International Christian Coaching Association

The 3 Y’s of Faith: Keys to a fruitful walk with God

“What a lovely combination of Scripture, testimony, reflection, and inspiration! Yes-Yield-Yearn. Three life-changing, life-sustaining, life-redeeming Y’s…. Simply profound.” 

Ted Hamilton, MD
Vice President, Medical Mission
Florida Hospital/AHS

“The Three Y’s are a fresh look at what is needed in the spiritual journey to grow deeper in devotion, stronger in faith, fueled to serve, and primed to love as the Lord calls us. It is a needed piety, a Rule of Life for this earthly sojourn. In reading the 3 Y’s you will discover a sacred space, a landscape of Holy Encounter!”

The Rev. Jon Davis, PhD
Executive Director
Canterbury Retreat & Conference Center

“Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most profound. The 3 Y’s of Faith is easy to read and rich with stories, Scripture, and refreshing new ways to dig into the 3 Y’s of your personal faith. Great for personal reflection or small group study.”

Mary Tomlinson
President, On-Purpose Partners



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